Products in Brandon, Manitoba at Simple Solutions

It is essential to care for your skin once you leave our office. Treating your skin with medical-grade products during your morning and evening skincare routine as well as using mineral make-up and sunscreen can help keep your skin healthy and radiant.

ZO Skincare

Medical-grade skincare products give patients more dramatic and noticeable results to refresh and revitalize the skin. With a powerful combination of ingredients, ZO Skincare® products by Obagi® can reduce the signs of aging, eliminate acne, and provide daily hydration to keep the skin bright and healthy. Simple Solutions offers three different levels of ZO Skincare to ensure that all patients can enjoy smooth and strong skin with a skincare line tailored to their individual needs.


Colorescience® mineral make-up products at Simple Solutions help patients achieve four core skincare goals: correct, protect, color, and perfect. Colorescience products use only the highest quality minerals, and are free of dyes, perfumes, and other fillers that can clog and damage the skin. With Colorescience, patients can show off a glowing complexion while protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays for a lasting youthful radiance.


Latisse™ is the only FDA-approved treatment to naturally encourage the growth of longer, darker, and more dramatic eyelashes. With prescription Latisse treatments in the Westman area, patients can see fuller and more striking eyelashes with an easy, once-daily application. Results from Latisse begin to appear after six to eight weeks, and optimal results are seen after sixteen weeks.